Privacy and Security Policy

This policy delineates the privacy and security terms of Vnzlogin. It is applicable solely to this website and related applications within the Vnzlogin ecosystem.

  1. Personal Identification Information Collection
    We collect personal identification information through this website and Vnzlogin software systems. During the account registration process, users are required to provide basic information such as name, phone number, email, etc. This information is utilized to contact customers regarding our products/services that they have shown interest in or may find relevant.
  2. Usage of Customer Data
    The collected data is used for purposes like product development, customer support, and internal operations. We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site and within Vnzlogin software ecosystem, and we reserve the right to access and use the information provided voluntarily by users across the Vnzlogin ecosystem.
  3. Data Security Procedures
    We implement security measures to protect customer information and prevent misuse. Our commitment includes not selling customer information to any organizations, individuals, or third parties, except when necessary to fulfill specific customer requests or comply with legal requirements.
  4. Communication with Customers
    Unless requested otherwise, we may contact customers via phone, email, or personal messages to inform them about special products, new services/products, and for customer care purposes.
  5. Policy Compliance
    If customers feel that we are not adhering to this privacy and security policy, they are encouraged to contact Vnzlogin immediately for resolution.

By using our website and related applications, users acknowledge and agree to the terms set out in this privacy and security policy. Our aim is to ensure a secure and respectful use of personal information in accordance with users’ privacy rights.